Meal Planning Pro


Establish a System for your Healthy Cooking Journey

What if I told you that there’s a simple way to enjoy healthy meals every day without having to think about it EVERY single day? Who wants to have to reinvent that wheel over and over? Who has the time for that?

There is a simple answer that can save you nagging headaches and multiple trips to the grocery store; batch cooking and meal planning. Just once, with a little planning and devoted time, this approach can create the system for a whole week of healthful meals, creating the freedom of time and joy of eating you’re looking for in life. This 50-page guide is a unique system I’ve created in my own life to reach my healthy eating goals with ease and joy!


  • Essential Tips – I run through everything you need to know before getting started, from grocery shopping tips (saving time and money!), choosing the right recipes for your lifestyle, and preparations to get you started on the right foot.


  • Batch Cooking – This component of meal planning is incredibly important and I’ve offered my own unique design to organizing and planning a system that is approachable, time-efficient, and adaptable to your unique lifestyle and taste preferences. This section offers my batch cooking system (what to cook, scheduling etc.) along with tips and recipe links along the way.


  • Meal Guide – Meal Guidance is a bit different than batch cooking in that you plan the recipes you will cook around the batch cooking ingredients you choose. I show you my unique method to achieving the proper meals and proportions for the week ahead.


  • Putting it all together – I take you through the complete system with my own example completely filled out along with live recipe links to give you a more concrete idea of how the system comes together. This section is followed by blank templates to get you started on the right foot!



You will receive the eBook as a PDF download so you can easily print it out or open on your favorite device. Because of the nature of downloadable products, this product is unavailable for refunds.